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Sexy young hunk Eddie was into having his ass played with!…… Spunk Worthy says: Remember Eddie? Well, before he dove into doing scenes bottoming for Blaze and Landon, he came back in for this shoot that somehow slipped through the cracks until now. And it was during this one that it really made me realize how perfect he’d go on to be as a bottom. As much fun as he’d had in his solo (and getting fucked later), Eddie had said he’d fantasized about getting serviced. Of course, he’d already seen the massage table set up in the corner and [Read The Full Post]

19 year old former football player and college wrestler Cory jerks his big dick to a massive load of hot boy cum

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Cory’s straight with a girlfriend but something that told me he might be a bit curious about guys!…… Spunk Worthy says: Cory is 19 years old and was introduced to me through one of his military buddies who had come in for a shoot a week or so earlier. Apparently, once the first guy came in, he’d told a bunch of his friends and they were lining up to be the next to get naked on camera, almost to see who would actually go through with it. Cory was the next brave one to show up. I have to admit, [Read The Full Post]

Hot straight dude Oren’s happy ending massage

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Oren’s not phased as he gets his first man on man blowjob!…… Spunk Worthy says: When Oren got in touch, asking about coming back for another shoot, I hit him up about doing a happy-ending massage. Although he’d never gotten one before, he was all for it. I think his adrenaline junkie side was ready to take things up a notch. He’d saved up a 2-day load, so you can bet he was horny. By the time he was face down on the table and I’d given his back a quick rub-down, Oren’s cock was already getting hard. I reached [Read The Full Post]

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Fitz said he normally jacks off 2-3 times a day and he shot a healthy load today!…… Spunk Worthy says: Fitz is a South Californian from the Midwest. He and his big brother moved to San Diego a number of years ago somewhat on a whim. He’s been adapting well, describing himself as “a bit of a beach bum,” and actively pursuing the female crowd, he’s straight obviously. When I asked how long he’d been considering joining the ranks of the amateur porn star, he joked that it had been in the back of his mind the moment he first [Read The Full Post]

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Straight dude Brock manages a huge cum shot after Myles sucks his dick good!…… Spunk Worthy says: Getting Brock to come back to get his first blow job from a guy was one tough nut to crack. Even after his massage shoot, he was really unsure about doing anything more. Until a big stack of cash was on the table and, well… here we go. I sent a text to Myles to see if he would want to do the honors. Taking one look at Brock and his beer-can cock, Myles responded in about 5 seconds: “Hell, yes.” Brock was [Read The Full Post]

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Terrence’s favorite thing to do is to jack off in public place!…… Spunk Worthy says: Terrence is a tall, lean So Cal surfer dude who had been looking for ways to make some extra cash. After a few of his friends mentioned that he should give porn a shot, he gave it a long thought and figured, “Why not?” and sent in an application. Terrence was a bit on the nervous side for his big debut. His dick, on the other hand, was all ready to go as soon as he unzipped his shorts. I got the feeling that he [Read The Full Post]

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Kent sprays out his 3 day cum load!…… Spunk Worthy says: Kent was one tough nut to crack. I’d asked him about coming back for a happy-ending massage, but weeks went by before enough cash was negotiated to tip the balance. Needless to say, Kent was nervous about his first experience with a guy. Not that he’s a stranger to getting erotic rub downs. He’s a regular at one of the local parlors. Of course, those are all with women. If he was tense at first, Kent relaxed almost immediately once he shut his eyes and my hands found their [Read The Full Post]

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23 year old Morgan shows off his big hard erect dick!…… Spunk Worthy says: Morgan is a So Cal surfer guy who’d dream’t about being in porn since he was in high school. I saw him on one of the hook-up sites, hit him up about earning some cash, and, now 23 year old, he jumped at the chance to make his big debut. He was pretty nervous about his first time being in front of the camera. If you check out the photos, he set off in rapid-fire mode to bust a nut in the first couple minutes. After [Read The Full Post]

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A few tugs were all it took for me to milk Brantley’s thick load from his cock!…… Spunk Worthy says: When I hit Brantley up about doing a happy-ending massage shoot, he took a few weeks to, as he put it, “weigh the pluses and minuses.” Along with the wad of cash waiting at the finish line, it seemed that curiosity finally won him over. His closest experiences so far were limited to foreplay with girlfriends and a regular massage he and a buddy got after a hard day training with the military. With two days saved up in his [Read The Full Post]

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Oren identifies as straight, but had an experience with a couple after a “lifestyle party” that got a little wild!…… Spunk Worthy says: Oren was visiting San Diego recently and, taking a suggestion from a mutual friend, got in touch to see about coming in for a shoot. He’d done one once before more or less on a whim and was surprised at how much he’d gotten exited by being in front of the camera. So, seeing the chance to give it another try, he jumped on the opportunity. In high school, Oren was on the wrestling team. He admitted [Read The Full Post]


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Baird fingers his tight straight asshole then busts a load!…… Spunk Worthy says: It’s hard to keep a horny Marine down. But really, why would you ever want to? Baird was horned up one afternoon and wanted to get off base to… well, get off. I was more than happy to see this pocket-sized hottie in front of the cameras again. And a buddy of mine was glad to offer up his hot tub for the occasion. As soon as Baird showed up, he shed his cammies and jumped in the water. Before long, he perched himself on the side [Read The Full Post]


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Foreskin fans love 21 year old Alec uncut cock with its big foreskin!….. Spunk Worthy says: Alec is Nevin’s best friend since Alec and he signed up with the military. These two have a bit of a bro-mance going on, for sure. They even had a jerk off race together in a hot tub one night, just for shits n’ giggles. Alec is the one who goaded Nevin into doing this massage video. After Nevin made the leap, it is now Alec’s turn to strip of naked for the cameras. Alec is a 21 year old bit with the build [Read The Full Post]

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Hairy chested hunk Nash gets a deep blowjob!…. Spunk Worthy says: There are lots of things to like about Nash. One of them is that he is always horny. The day he showed up for this shoot was no different– I swear, he was already pitching a tent in his shorts when he walked through the door, so I wasted no time getting to work. Nash wasted no time telling me how he wanted things done, either. “Right here,” he said, pointing to his nipple. “Play with them.” (That should be an answer to those of you who’ve emailed in [Read The Full Post]


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Sucking Lucas’ cock getting it nice and hard! Spunk Worthy says: Lucas had never gotten off by a blowjob before. Ever. And judging by the size of his dick, there was definitely going be some testing done to my gag reflex. After sucking on Lucas’ cock and getting it nice and hard, I pushed back his legs, giving his muscular ass some attention with my tongue. See Lucas fully exposed here!


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Thick beads of cum pulsed out of Baird’s cock and ran down my hand!….. Spunk Worthy says: After sucking on Baird’s cock for a few more minutes, it was clear that his cumshot was on the way. As I worked him up to the edge, Baird’s balls tightened up and he rolled his head back, just before one last gasp announcing, “It’s coming” Thick beads of cum pulsed out of his cock and ran down my hand. See Baird fully exposed here!

Spunk Worthy Brock has a 6.5 inch round cock it’s a beer can

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Brock’s chest and stomach were dripping with cum as he unloaded his cum heavy balls!…… Spunk Worthy says: Brock is a recent transplant to San Diego from the east coast. We met a few weeks ago when I stopped in at the local shop he’d been working. So Cal, he mentioned, is a great place to live, but a lot more expensive than he realized, and added that he was looking for a second job to make ends meet. Seeing the opportunity, I slipped him a card. At 23 y/o, Brock hadn’t thought a lot about doing porn until the [Read The Full Post]

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Roger plays with his cock while jacking off pulling back his foreskin rubbing precum onto his big cockhead!…… Spunk Worthy says: On a whim, Roger decided he wanted to do porn. After he first applied, we met up to take some photos and talk about everything. He’s a horny 18 year old with a thick, uncut cock that he was anxious about showing off. As we were talking, he asked if he could get on camera and bust a nut asap. How could anyone say no? So, I set the cameras up and let him go at it. Roger whipped [Read The Full Post]

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Straight married Bryson lets out a deep sigh as he shoots a huge cum shot!…… Spunk Worthy says: You might think of this as a flashback shoot since Bryson has already shown up on the site. This one is actually the first time he showed up and how it all started. Bryson, you might remember, heard about doing porn from his buddy, Anthony. He’d always thought about getting nekkid on camera, but never really knew how to make his break. As they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters! Anthony showed him the way in. [Read The Full Post]

Spunk Worthy Zach’s happy ending big cock massage

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Fingering his ass Zach’s entire body clenched up leading to an explosive orgasm!…… Spunk Worthy says: This week there’s a kinky new twist to the massage video. And, I have to say, that it was pretty much Zach who made it happen. After his solo, we got to talking and it turned out that he’s really into bondage porn and said that he’s always had a fantasy of being tied up and edged… by a woman, of course. I mentioned the happy-ending massage scene and said he could get edged that way. At first, he was dead set against doing [Read The Full Post]

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Dalton also mentioned that he was a bit of a shooter, even on a normal day!…… Spunk Worthy says: Dalton is a transplant to So Cal from a smaller town on the east coast. We’d been talking for a good handful of months before he made the leap and showed up for his first porn shoot. A deployment got in the way for a while, but good things come to those who wait. During that time away he turned 20 y/o and packed on some beefiness as the guys tend to do when they’re overseas. Over the couple days before [Read The Full Post]