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Lying naked on a table while letting a pair of hands explore his body! Southern Strokes says: We took advantage of Austin’s last visit to the Ranch and treated him to a session with the Ranch Hands after he put in a hard day of fucking. Every time I find myself driving by a crowded neighborhood basketball court, I expect to see Austin taking it to the hoop. Get this video at Southern Strokes!   Austin has tall lean basketball player’s build with this gorgeous southern boy next door type face that just makes your loins tingle. If you ran [Read The Full Post]

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Giving us a good look at his perfect little ass! Southern Strokes says: Say hello to our newest Southern Stud to visit the Ranch, Ace Harper. This Dallas piece of meat is hawtness from head to toe. I’ll start with Ace’s sexy eyes that can make you drop to your knees on command and service his needs. Ace’s chest and abs will rival any visitor we have out to the ranch. Get straight boy Ace Harper video at Southern Strokes! Ace stood up and took off his jeans and boxers so that we could get a good look at all [Read The Full Post]

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JJ milked his big black uncut cock dry! Southern Strokes says: I’ve been workin on JJ ever since I first met him on a recruiting trip in the small towns of South Georgia. JJ was shooting hoops in just a pair of baller shorts with some of his buddies but I decided to risk it anyway and hit him up. JJ wasn’t shy about sending me pictures so he could show me exactly what he was working with and I’m sure to wet my appetite even that much more. JJ is 19 years old with a lean basketball player’s build [Read The Full Post]

Southern Strokes – Genesis and Tony Newport

November 13, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 3

Genesis’ cock was throbbing and demanding entry into Tony’s hole! Southern Strokes says: We were hanging out at Tony Newport’s birthday party when Genesis mentioned that he and Tony have never hooked up either on film or off. It took us a while to get schedules lined up but we finally got Genesis and Tony out to the Ranch so we could all watch them fuck. It seems that Tony and Genesis met at a club in San Antonio which is when their lust for each other took hold. Now I understand why Genesis was so persistent in making sure [Read The Full Post]

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Carson couldn’t wait to get Austin’s cock inside him!…. Southern Strokes says: Boys come and go and then resurface again when you least expect it. This is exactly what happened with Austin Perry and Carson Carver. Get Austin Perry and Carson Carver video at Southern Strokes! Both boys had been off working hard and playing hard and out of nowhere they hit me up to see if they could pay a visit to the Ranch. It had been months since Carson gave us a visit and I must say that the time as well spent.

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Hot young bucks abuse some ass! Young men Clark fucking Genesis Southern Strokes says: Clark and Genesis paid us a visit at the Ranch so I seized the opportunity to let Clark fuck his first man hole. Cum to find out, Clark had recently tried to hook up with a guy he met online but the guy couldn’t take his cock so it was a bust. Watch young men Clark & Genesis fucking now! Clark was looking forward to taking Genesis’ hot ass so we stopped talking and let the boys go at it. Genesis grabbed Clark by the back [Read The Full Post]

Abercrombie & Fitch muscle stud Corbin Case

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Corbin’s abs ripple as he jerks! Abercrombie & Fitch muscle stud Corbin Case Southern Strokes says: Corbin Case a hot straight Southern boy that loves the gym. Corbin a local Abercrombie and Fitch sales assistant is 5’10′ of pure muscle. See Corbin Case FULLY EXPOSED at Southern Strokes! This boy knows that he is hot and definitely loves to show off. Corbin packs a nice fat juicy 7 inch cock. As he jerks his abs ripple just like you know they should. Smokin hot!

Straight guys sucking cock – Buck and Preston at Southern Strokes

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Buck’s open (just) to some dildo assplay! Straight guys sucking cock – Buck and Preston Southern Strokes says: Who could ever forget Buck and Preston. This might just be the all time most viewed pairing at Southern Strokes. Buck and Preston made their way up to the lake House one night for a little fun and debauchery in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Watch straight guys Buck and Preston sucking cock now! I don’t think that tonight was gonna get here fast enuff for our boy Buck. He is a horny college stud that is just coming into his own especially [Read The Full Post]

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Squirted country boy cum all over his country boy stomach! Southern Strokes says: I still don’t think that young hot guy Kale can believe that he made the trip to the Ranch to jack off for us. Kale is a real country boy from a small North Texas town. Kale is 5’8′ tall with a nice lean body and a big ole country cock. Get young hot guy Kale jerks his big cock video at Southern Strokes! Kale jumped in the truck with two of his buddies and drove the better part of the morning to get to the Ranch. [Read The Full Post]

Southern Strokes – Breaking in the Straight Boy – Wade and Derrick

September 10, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 3

Straight boys do the queerest things! Southern Strokes says: I wonder where my boy Derrick is these days. The fact of the matter is that he worked not to far from the Lake House in the hills of North Georgia and a girlfriend of his knew about us and she is the one that sent him over. Wade has always been a favorite here at Southern Strokes so we rewarded him with breaking in the straight boy. The thing I found most attractive about Derrick was that he really didn’t work out other than putting in a honest day’s work [Read The Full Post]

Hairy chest hunk Jeremy Stone at Southern Strokes

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Jeremy fingers his A*Hole as he spews forth a full load! Hairy chest hunk Jeremy Stone Southern Strokes says: When I opened Jeremy’s application, I immediately recognized him from some of his previous work and I had to get him out to the ranch so that I could get a live look at that meaty ass of his. Jeremy pulled up in his big construction and as soon as his feet hit the ground, it was time for this hottie to start putting on a little show. Jeremy said that he loves to party like a rock star and he [Read The Full Post]

Evan fucks Cam whilst his boyfriend watches

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Cam spreads his legs wide open so Evan got to pile drive him deep! Southern Strokes says: This video was one of the most fun that I have filmed here at Southern Strokes. Cam and his partner were driving through the South and they thought it would be fun if Cam did a video while his partner got to watch. Watch Evan fucks Cam FULL EXPOSURE here!   So of course we always aim to please here so we invited them up to the Lake House. It just so happened that our ginger boy Evan was out on break from [Read The Full Post]

Aaron Showcase at Southern Strokes

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Aaron is a freshman at Texas A&M studying Bio-Medical Chemistry or something like that….Lets just say he is not only hot, but super smart as well. He was at home visiting his parents and he jogs 5 miles every day. I literally stopped him mid-stride as he was jogging shirtless in the park. So as it turns out, this 19 year old has a thing for public sex. In the summer, he doesn’t wear any underwear when he jogs and gets off on all the looks. Believe me, you can’t help but notice that this hottie is packing a nice [Read The Full Post]

Cocky country boy Evan

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Ginger boy Evan strokes his thick cock! Southern Strokes says: Evan’s cock was almost fully erect when he pulled off his underwear and opened his legs getting ready to stroke his pale cock. Evan’s cock grew big and thick as Evan’s fingers found their way to his hole. See Cocky country boy Evan fully exposed here!

Sexy 21 year old Toby Hart is close to perfection plus he is a pole vaulter

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Ending finally in a beautiful cumshot across his ripped abs! Southern Strokes says: West Texas is home to some of the top collegiate athletic programs in the country so West Texan country folk start their boys training at a young age. Get 21 year old Toby Hart video at Southern Strokes! Toby Hart is a sexy 21 year old pole vaulter that is about as close to perfection as you can get in my book. Toby showed up looking like he had just finished track practice.