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Roman Todd plows Johnny Riley’s smooth muscled asshole with his 8 inch raw cock!…… Next Door World says: By the time Roman Todd catches up to bestie Johnny Riley, Johnny is visibly distraught. Seems Johnny caught a glimpse of best friend Roman fucking someone else and it triggered a sudden and unexpected jealousy. To Roman, it was just a fuck, but seeing how much it hurt Johnny has him reconsidering the ramifications of his actions, and he tells Johnny that he had no idea he was interested in more than a friendship. Johnny tells Roman that he doesn’t just want [Read The Full Post]

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Mikey Junior takes every inch of Gunner’s thick dick grinding him harder and deeper!…… Next Door World says: When club bros Mikey Junior and Gunner go out to try and score, they end up instead drunkenly passed out on the couch at the end of the evening. When he wakes the next morning, Mikey’s still crazy horny, and the bulge in Gunner’s pants seems to indicate that he’s needing some sexual release as well. Mikey carefully unzips Gunner’s pants and feasts his eyes on Gunner’s cock, slowly handling it delicately as Gunner stirs awake and watches him out of the [Read The Full Post]

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Calvin Chambers shoves his raw cock in Dakota Young’s hole fucking him as hard!…… Next Door World says: Fresh off their newly minted brotherly hook up, but still waiting for their parents to officially tie the knot, Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon now find the annoying neighbor boy, Dakota Young knocking at their door. Paul and Calvin are quick to try and get rid of Dakota, when he suddenly asks if it’s because the want to fuck again. Paul and Calvin look ghost white with embarrassment, and as Dakota holds up his phone, they realize he’s suddenly holding all the [Read The Full Post]

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Young stud Travis Berkley takes the full length of Christian Bay’s huge dick!….. Next Door World says: Christian Bay has been talking online with a bona fide stud, who professes that Christian is the apple of his eye, but when he enlists an investigative team to track the IP address, Christian learns that his dream stud is not who he thought it was. Travis Berkley is surprised, to say the least, when Christian and the Fake Bait team arrive at his house, and he quickly regrets reaching out to Christian, even if his crush is real. Christian is disappointed to [Read The Full Post]

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Hardcore anal threesome Markie More spit-roasted by Johnny Hill and Pheonix Fellington’s huge cocks!…… Next Door World says: As the three of them relax on the beach, Markie More catches a glimpse of a guy with a nice sized cock and asks his buddies Johnny Hill and Pheonix Fellington if they can see how big it is. Johnny is instantly impressed by what he sees, and remarks that Markie must be really horny to spot such a specimen from so far away. Pheonix is less impressed, and instantly draws skepticism from his two bros, who tell him his cock can’t [Read The Full Post]

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Connor Halsted bends Logan Cross over and immediately begins to tongue his ass!…… Next Door World says: About a block from his house, Connor Halsted notices a fine piece of ass walking on the side of the street, and when he stops, Logan Cross turns out to be too good to be true. Cute as ever and freshly naive, Logan is also currently without a place to crash, on account of his parents kicking him out. Connor eagerly invites Logan back to his place and once there, he tells Logan he’s gonna rock his world. Ripping off his clothes, Connor [Read The Full Post]

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Calvin Chambers raw fucks Paul Canon’s bareback ass hole fucking his brains out!…… Next Door World says: Having to attend his father’s wedding is strange enough for Paul Canon, but when he finds out his dad’s wife-to-be has a hot son who is also staying at the house they’ve rented for the wedding weekend, he doesn’t know what to make of the situation. On the other hand, Calvin Chambers knows all about Paul, having already heard all about him, including his recent break up. When Calvin over-hears Paul telling his friend on the phone that he thinks Calvin is cute, [Read The Full Post]

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Chad Piper fucks Ian Greene in a standing doggy as he clings to the stair rail!…… Next Door World says: Chad Piper is a little nervous as he knocks on the door to this internet stranger’s house, but as soon as Ian Greene lets him inside, Chad is immediately distracted by how nice the place is. He immediately conjures fantasies of fucking in every corner of the house, and luckily, Ian is ready to start right now on the stairwell, grabbing Chad and kissing him as he takes off his clothes. Removing Chad’s pants, Ian gets his an up close [Read The Full Post]

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Markie More stands up and lifts Grayson Lange into his arms setting him down on his hard cock!……. Next Door World says: When Markie More booked his beach rental, he was looking for a nice, relaxing get-away, and figured the sun and the sand would do the trick. What he didn’t count on was that the rental agent’s son, Grayson Lange, would be stalking his every move, but when he hears the sound of his door opening and closing, Markie has a pretty good idea who is breaking in. Catching Grayson spying in the hallway, Markie tells him he can [Read The Full Post]

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Leo Luckett flips with him and begins riding Dean Phoenix as he strokes himself off!…… Next Door World says: When his yard worker Leo Luckett knocks on his door for back payment, Dean Phoenix thinks there might be something else going on, especially since Leo keeps eyeballing the bulge in his pants. As Dean comes out of his upstairs bedroom and finds a shirtless Leo there to greet him, his suspicions prove true, and when Leo tells him he needs a little something extra, Dean grabs him and brings him into his bedroom, throwing him down on his stomach and [Read The Full Post]

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Mark Long slides his big raw cock in and out of Damien Kyle’s sweet ass!…… Next Door World says: When Mark Long hears what Damien Kyle is asking up front to move in, he realizes he’s way out of his range. As he gets up to leave, Damien notices the bulge in Mark’s pants and asks him if he’s ok. Mark is embarrassed, and tells Damien he doesn’t know why his dick is hard. Damien, sees an opportunity and tells Mark as long as he’s open minded, there may be another way for him to make his deposit. Moments later, [Read The Full Post]

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Mike Stone turns Paul Canon over and fucks the cum out of him!….. Next Door World says: With his boyfriend studying downstairs, Paul Canon and contractor Mike Stone make their way towards the guest bathroom to discuss potential alterations to some of the fixtures, but on the way up the stairs, Paul boldly decides he’d rather do a different kind of pipe cleaning, as he throws Mike up against the wall and whips out his cock. Mike is down to get dirty, but he’s worried Paul’s boyfriend might hear them. This doesn’t deter Paul, who begins sucking Mike’s cock until [Read The Full Post]

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Connor Halsted dives face first into Dakota Young’s ass tonguing his ass hole before shoving his cock deep inside!…… Next Door World says: As the sun rises over the ocean, not a creature was stirring inside the house except Dakota Young, who sneaks out of bed as boyfriend Connor Halsted sleeps, making his way to the other side of the vacation rental to where Mark Long lay, still sleeping, morning wood on full display. Dakota quietly slides the door open and inches his way onto the bed, taking Mark’s cock into his mouth delicately. He continues to lightly suck as [Read The Full Post]

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Quentin Gainz fucks Jonah Marx tight asshole reverse cowboy!……. Next Door World says: A crisply dressed Quentin Gainz sits on Jonah Marx’s lap on a Barcelona chair in the living room. Quentin is looking sharp, but Jonah is more interested in what’s going on underneath his clothes. Quentin obliges him and undresses, throwing his belt around Jonah’s neck and pulling him in closer. The kiss long and hard as Jonah strips out of his clothes. Quentin falls to his knees and begins to suck on Jonah’s cock, running his hands up Jonah’s body to his chest and then back down [Read The Full Post]

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Jackson Traynor slaps his the head of his cock against Michael Del Ray’s hole and then shoves it in!…… Next Door World says: Just killing time on a lazy Saturday, Michael Del Ray and boyfriend Jackson Traynor stumble upon an open house showing at a gigantic house. With no real intention to buy, they show themselves around as the property manager tends to business in another room. Upon entering the kitchen, Michael gets a sneaky little idea in his head and convinces Jackson to go for it right there in the kitchen. Jackson checks over his shoulder and sees that [Read The Full Post]

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Markie More tongue fucks Allen Lucas’s hole!….. Next Door World says: With massage stud Markie More on his way over for a private session, Allen Lucas takes the time and effort to rig his room up with cameras. Allen figures he may as well capture this experience for posterity, and figures he’ll have to be secretive about it, and begins to devise a scheme to seduce Markie. As soon as he undresses and stretches out on Markie’s table, he realizes that Markie is very open to extra curricular activity, and that he even is open to filming it. Allen asks [Read The Full Post]

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Mark Long fucks Christian Bay hard giving him a nice raw dicking!…… Next Door World says: Hiding out in a hotel room paid for with a lifted credit card, Christian Bay figures it’s only a matter of time until his mom’s boyfriend catches up to him, but what he didn’t count on was how mad he’d be when he finally does. Mark Long is tired of playing Christian’s games, so when he confronts Christian in the hotel and Christian gives him lip, Mark decides it’s time to mete out some punishment, bending Christian over his knee. Christian can’t believe he’s [Read The Full Post]

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Quentin Gainz and Roman Todd take turns barebacking Tyler Carver’s hole raw!…… Next Door World says: Quentin Gainz and boyfriend Roman Todd are looking to hire some help around the house, and when they stumble across Tyler Carver’s application, they are pretty sure they’ve found their man. All that remains is for them to conduct a face to face interview to make sure Tyler is a good fit for them. Upon meeting him, their original assumptions prove true, as Tyler nails every part of the interview. Quentin and Roman are ready to offer him the job, but first there’s one [Read The Full Post]

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Ian Greene plunges his raw cock deep inside Scotty Zee’s tight hole!…… Next Door World says: After settling into their vacation rental for the week, school friends Scotty Zee and Ian Greene realize they only have about fifteen minutes until their parents show up, and both of them are ready for a shower after a half day’s travel. Luckily, as Ian points out, the shower has two heads. Scotty seems hesitant to partake in such an arrangement, but his desire to be clean outweighs his reluctance to share the bathroom. When he enters the shower, he finds Ian already halfway [Read The Full Post]

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Ethan Slade plunges his cock deep inside Dante Martin pounding him missionary as Dante strokes himself dry!…… Next Door World says: When Dante Martin discovers that boyfriend Ethan Slade has been cheating on him, he quickly realizes he has one of two options. He can either end it all immediately, or he can try to fix the problem between them. Dante settles for option 2, and figures the main reason Ethan is stepping out is because he’s not satisfied with their sex life. So creeping his way back to bed, he begins to kiss on Ethan’s neck, waking him up [Read The Full Post]