Dakota Young deep throats Lance Layd’s increasingly hard huge cock

October 30, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Lance Layd can’t believe how tight Dakota Young’s feels and Dakota loves how his dick fills him up!…… Next Door Buddies says: When Dakota Young and newcomer Lance Layd get together, the affair is very soft spoken, but the chemistry is rock hard. Lance is hesitant at first, but he quickly warms up as Dakota wraps his lips around Lance’s dick, coaxing it hard with his mouth as he deep throats Lance’s increasingly harder cock. Lance becomes eager to return the favor, and Dakota quickly suspects this isn’t his first time, or at the very least, Lance has spent some [Read The Full Post]

Jake Ashford deep throats every inch of Mark Long’s huge thick dick

October 23, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Mark Long plunges his big cock bareback into Jake Ashford’s tight lubed hole!…… Next Door Buddies says: When Mark Long agreed to help his friend’s brother, he had no idea Jake Ashford intended on repaying him like this, but as Jake wraps his lips around his giant cock, straight boy Mark decides he might as well enjoy the fringe benefit, and so he kicks back his head and savors Jake’s technique as he deep throats every inch of Mark’s dick. Mark is rock hard and Jake asks him if he wants to hit that ass. Mark responds by throwing him [Read The Full Post]

Pheonix Fellington’s huge black dick fucks Cameron Dalile’s tight muscled asshole

October 2, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Pheonix Fellington obliges raw dogging Cameron Dalile from behind until he’s ready to unleash his load!….. Next Door Buddies says: Floridan stud Pheonix Fellington makes his Buddies debut with fellow newcomer Cameron Dalile. Cameron has already spied Pheonix’ cock and is both wary and excited to see how Pheonix wields his hammer. Pheonix appears shy in the interview but when it comes time to fuck, he proves that it’s better to speak softly and carry a big stick, plunging his massive cock deep into Cameron’s hole. Cameron struggles to take such a big cock, calling it definitely uncharted territory for [Read The Full Post]

Sexy tattooed young stud Quentin Gainz fucks the cum out of Tyler Carver

September 11, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Quentin Gainz fingering Tyler Carver’s hairy hole as he sucks him off!…… Next Door Buddies says: When given a choice for scene partners, Tyler Carver says he took one look at Quentin Gainz’ abs and said, ‘Yup. That’s the one.’ Quentin’s ‘aw shucks’ demeanor is on full display upon hearing this anecdote, and he says he feels honored. It doesn’t hurt that Tyler’s furry chest and striking good looks make him a fantasy pairing for anyone, especially when he tells the members that his favorite thing to do is ride a dick. Quentin smiles at the thought of this, and [Read The Full Post]

Hardcore ass fucking threesome Dalton Riley, Steve Rogers and Trevor Jones orgy

September 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

All three guys Dalton Riley, Steve Rogers and Trevor Jones take turns blowing each other!…… Next Door Buddies says: Dalton Riley finds himself smack dab in the middle of two first timers and he couldn’t be more excited about his options. On his right, fresh faced Trevor Jones waits eagerly to show his stuff, while on his left, muscle bound stud Steve Rogers is ready to give everyone the business. With so many choices, Dalton decides to dive right in, as the three of them engage in a kiss before stripping out of their clothes. The chemistry is palpable as [Read The Full Post]

Roman Todd’s tight raw ass bareback fucked by Xavier Cross’ huge dick

September 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Roman Todd flips flop fucks Xavier Cross’ hot bare hole!…… Next Door Buddies says: With member favorite Roman Todd involved, any scene is likely to be a hot one, but add in newbie Xavier Cross and the temperature just goes up from there. Xavier is a confident, open-minded guy from the Arizona, with nice thick lips and a penchant for using them. Slated to fuck Roman, he nonetheless starts out going down on him. Roman’s big dick fills his mouth as he works his way up and down the shaft, and once Roman sufficiently turned on, they switch up and [Read The Full Post]

Jeremy Spreadums rides and grinds on Dante Martin’s big cock hard on

September 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Jeremy Spreadums gags on Dante Martin’s huge dick as Dante rims his hole!…… Next Door Buddies says: The pairing of Dante Martin and Jeremy Spreadums is one that did not happen by chance. Rather, it was a long time in the making. Ever since Dante caught a glimpse of Jeremy at a previous shoot, he’d been angling to get a crack at Jeremy’s sweet crack, and now he finally has his chance. Dante is enamored with Jeremy from start, and to his credit, Jeremy can’t wait to be pounded by Dante’s meaty cock, so with the opportunity finally here, Dante [Read The Full Post]

Markie More flips Donovan Kane over taking control pounding his young ass hard with his huge cock

September 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Markie More fucks the cum out of newbie Donovan Kane!….. Next Door Buddies says: Markie More has the best job, always getting to break in the best newbies, and Donovan Kane is no exception. Donovan’s open minded attitude and svelte frame have Markie salivating at the prospect of having his way with him, and Donovan seems primed and ready for the encounter, himself. Markie starts by stripping him out of his clothes and taking his big dick down his throat, gagging on Donovan’s cane until it’s nice and hard. They switch into a 69 and Donovan shows off his dick [Read The Full Post]

Paul Canon plunges his dick deep inside Chad Piper’s waiting ass hole

August 2, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Paul Canon empties his balls cum load all over Chad Piper’s face!…… Next Door Buddies says: Chad Piper isn’t brand new, but he’s new to Paul Canon, and that’s good enough for Paul. After chilling together by the pool, Paul is ready to get his hands on Chad’s assets. Chad is also eager to experience Paul’s cannon, and as Paul begins to suck him off, Chad realizes Paul knows more than one way to take care of his partner. Chad gets rock hard from the head and then returns the favor, sucking Paul’s cock until it’s nice and hard and [Read The Full Post]

Markie More fucks the cum out of Ian Frost before pulling out and blasting him with his first on screen facial

August 2, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Ian Frost loves every minute of it as Markie More fucks him all over the bed!……. Next Door Buddies says: Markie More is giddy with excitement for his scene with Ian Frost. Ian, an Argentenian ex-pat currently living in Florida, is a soft spoken newbie with a sensual side, and Markie is all about his assets. Taking their time, the two of them take turns giving each other head, and then Markie flips Ian over and primes his ass for penetration. Ian begs for Markie’s cock and Markie obliges, sliding it in and slowly working Ian’s hole with his hard [Read The Full Post]

Johnny Hill slowly presses his big dick deep down into Donovan Wilde’s smooth asshole

July 19, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Johnny Hill can see that Donovan Wilde is a natural born top, and as both guys lose their cum loads in a race to orgasm!…… Next Door Buddies says: Stationed in the bed this time around, Rocco has found himself a couple of muscle studs. Johnny Hill makes his debut showing in the captain’s chair, and today he gets the chance to break in fellow muscle hunk Donovan Wilde. Donovan is an open-minded guy with piercing eyes and a gorgeous ripped six pack abs body, and this MMA fighter is ready to get down and dirty with Johnny. Donovan has [Read The Full Post]

Markie More breaks Chad Piper ass in and he proves he can take a big dick like a champ

July 3, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Chad Piper grins as he flips Markie More over and plunges his thick cock deep inside of Markie’s tight hole!…… Next Door Buddies says: Fresh outta Pittsburgh, newbie Chad Piper finds himself in the hungry clutches of Markie More. The two of them are getting handsy as Markie can’t wait to get Chad out of his clothes. Tearing off his jeans, Markie discovers that Chad lives to his name, as he unleashes his Steel City pipe for Markie to behold. Markie takes a deep dive onto Chad’s cock, gagging himself with it before flipping Chad over and fingering his hole. [Read The Full Post]

Johnny Hill flips Scotty Zee over and fucks the cum out of him

July 3, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Johnny Hill plunges his big thick cock deep inside Scotty Zee’s tight asshole!…… Next Door Buddies says: Scotty Zee is mysteriously quiet leading up to his scene with Johnny Hill, perhaps in anticipation of breaking in the new stud. Johnny is a thick chested hunk with a can-do attitude and a penchant for anal, so there’s a really good chance he and Scotty will get along great. Scotty is chomping at the bit to get a piece of this man-meat, wasting no time in stripping him out of his clothes and devouring his big cock, sucking him off as Johnny [Read The Full Post]

Chris Blades and Chris Jones take turns sucking each others huge dicks

June 5, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Chris Jones’ tight hole is pushing back against Chris Blades’ hard cock inside him!…… Next Door Buddies says: Back in the hot seat is everyone’s favorite desert native, blonde hunk Chris Blades, and he’s got a nice west coast surprise on his plate today. Fresh from the Pacific shores comes Cali-native Chris Jones, a guy who likes to push his limits in any way he can. The Chris’s take turns sucking each off and then Mr. Blades gets down to business, bending his partner over and giving him his first dick on camera. Chris takes it willingly, but his tight [Read The Full Post]

Mark Long flips Jeremy Spreadums over and fucks him hard from behind

May 15, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Jeremy Spreadums jizzes all over himself as Mark Long continues to fuck him missionary!…… Next Door Buddies says: This scene packs twice the punch, as we are treated to an introduction and a reunion. Don’t call it a comeback for Mark Long, as the thick dicked stud makes his triumphant return to the bedroom, this time to introduce Jeremy Spreadums. Jeremy is cut and ripped in all the right places, and this Miami native can’t wait to get his hands on Mark’s meat. He quickly shows his hunger as he devours Mark’s cock, his biceps rippling as he grabs it [Read The Full Post]

Jaxton Wheeler slides his big hard dick into Morgan Shades’ tight hole and fuck him like a trucker

May 10, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Two strangers Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler come together!…… Next Door Buddies says: Jaxton Wheeler is used to life on the highway. He knows exactly the protocol to follow when his big rig breaks down while driving cargo across the state. Today, however, his cell phone happens to be out of battery when he finds himself in need of a tow. Fortunately, Morgan Shades lives a short hike from the road. Jaxton knocks on Morgan’s door, hoping for a little hospitality.Morgan answers the door with a towel around his waist, bearing his well cut physique. Jaxton, although very turned on [Read The Full Post]

Sean Blue choking on the full length of Mark Long’s cock

May 10, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Sean over pounds away, fucking the cum out of Sean!…… Next Door Buddies says: Mark Long’s swag is fairly apparent. Between his rock hard bod, his flashy quad and his giant cock, he isn’t hurting for suitors. Just observing him for a few minutes, Sean Blue can tell that Mark’s got something worth tinkering with under his hood. So as Sean watches Mark take a quick 5 from fixing his four-runner to stroke his other hot rod, Sean seizes the moment and makes his advance. Mark has only let women ride his monster up to now, but Sean convinces him [Read The Full Post]

Alex Tanner A takes Brett Beckham’s cock deep into the back of his mouth

May 9, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Brett Beckham pounds Alex Tanner A from behind and he’s taking every inch!….. Next Door Buddies says: As the build up to election draws near, it’s serious business in Dylan Knights campaign office. Stumping hard for their man, Dylan’s office of interns have been working around the clock and at least one of them, young Alex Tanner A, appears to be feeling the effects of the non-stop bustle. Fellow intern Brett Beckham has noticed Alex getting a bit flustered all day, and he’s also noticed that Alex is packing a sweet little ass beneath his khaki dress slacks. When Alex [Read The Full Post]

Matt Delgado flips Scotty Zee over and fucks him doggy style his big dick delving deep

May 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Scotty Zee eats Matt Delgado’s ass before bending him over and giving him his first dick on camera!…… Next Door Buddies says: Scotty Zee gets a crack at a stripped down style of scene as Next Door introduces a tall drink of water in Matt Delgado. Matt is long in all the right places, and Scotty takes his time discovering all of Matt’s secret spots. Matt proves he can give as good as he gets, showing off his cock sucking skills as he downs Scotty’s cock. Scotty eats his ass before bending him over and giving Matt his first dick [Read The Full Post]

Dante Martin and James Shields

May 7, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Tex takes Dante’s cock as James Shields continues to fuck his mouth! Next Door Buddies says: Ready to show he’s a true team player, Tex Ranger takes Dante Martin’s cock all the way to the shaft, as Dante pounds him from behind while James Shields continues to fuck his mouth. Then the guys switch and it’s James bending Tex over the side of the sofa, pounding away as Tex strokes himself off, as they all lose their loads in a sweaty afternoon exhibition. See Dante Martin and James Shields fucking here!