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Sean pops first followed by Darin and last but not least Max leaves his creamy load all over!…… Men Over 30 says: Darin Silvers, has pulled some kind of muscle in his thigh and he can’t move much at all. He’s on the bench trying his best to massage it out but it’s just not working. In comes Max Cameron who sees him in lots of pain so he offers to help him out. Max is great with his hands and instantly beings to massage the muscle out and once he notices Darin is hard as a rock he knows [Read The Full Post]

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Tristan drives his cock home into Brett’s young ass! Men Over 30 says: Looking up at Brett Bradley with his mouth bloated with dick, Tristan Sterling bangs it on his tongue, licks his balls then stands up and allows Brett to liberate a cock ready for its turn. Tristan growls as Brett pushed back on Tristan’s thighs, opening him up for as he pressed forward and drives his cock back home. See Brett Bradley and Tristan Sterling fucking here!

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Andrew gives Christopher a hot wet rim job! Men Over 30 says: Nothing ever gets done in porn, not even when you’re going to make a plate of food, because there is always someone who wants that dick and in this case it’s Christopher Daniels sneaking up on Andrew Justice. See Andrew Justice and Christopher Daniels fucking here!

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Rego Bello rims Tommy Regan’s ass while he continues to suck Alexander Garrett thick veiny dick!…… Men Over 30 says: Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have been a couple for a while and they have decided to take their relationship to another level by bringing in a 3rd. Rego shows Alexander a couple photos of Tommy Regan who’s just moved in living on the first floor of the apartments. Rego informs Alexander that Tommy will be arriving shortly. Tommy shows up to the room and they all share some awkward small talk before engaging in a sexy 3-way kiss. They [Read The Full Post]

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Alessandro Del Toro gives Billy Santoro sloppy wet BJs and hard ass fucking!…… Men Over 30 says: Alessandro Del Toro has his own YouTube channel and he’s telling all of his viewers of the new exciting news that he will finally be working with Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro. Alessandro has wanted to work with this sexy couple one on one to see and feel the differences between the two hunks. He tells his viewers how excited he is about this meet up and he doesn’t know what to expect. Alessandro love to kiss and he wastes no time in [Read The Full Post]

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Trey Turner and Alessio Romero take turns rimming Braxton Smith’s round soft ass!…… Men Over 30 says: Trey Turner and Dimitri finally come back to the pool party and every one knows exactly what they were up too. After a few details about the hot encounter Braxton Smith brags to Alessio Romero and Trey that his ass is way better than Dimitri’s. They don’t believe him so Alessio with Trey’s help lift him out of the water and pull his trunks down to check out that ass and sure enough it’s a hot bum. Braxton’s ass may look good but [Read The Full Post]


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Israeli Commando Eyal jerks his fat cock! Men Over 30 says: Eyal is fresh from the Israeli Commandos this sexy muscle beast is trained in the art of war and now that he’s back in the states he’s ready to expose himself and let loose his inner naughty side. See Eyal fully exposed here!

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Landon Conrad big dick opens up Cameron Kincade man hole!….. Men Over 30 says: Landon Conrad and Cameron Kincade are catching up on old times talking about the good ol days when they use to hook up all the time. Cameron shows Landon his jersey that he has kept over the years after they broke up so he could use it to have his smell with him at all times. Landon was very surprised that he had it and had forgotten all about it. Cameron starts to smell Landon and pulls him in close as they begin to kiss and [Read The Full Post]

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Brett Bradley’s huge cock releases his manly cum load all over Hunter Vance’s balls!…… Men Over 30 says: Brett Bradley is sleeping in his bed with boyfriend Hunter Vance comes walking in to wake him up. Brett and Hunter got into an argument over Hunter shaving his junk. Brett likes hair where Hunter likes smoothness and no hair. Brett was pissed about Hunter shaving all the time and thinks he’s cheating on him because of it. Hunter assures him that is not the case and the two begin to make out. Brett begins to suck on his cock while Hunter [Read The Full Post]

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Rikk services Johnny’s big cock balls deep!…… Men Over 30 says: Rikk York woke up this morning and Johnny Hazzard wasn’t in bed next to him so he walks downstairs and heads to the fridge for some juice. As he’s drinking the juice he notices the TV is on and there is Johnny passed out on the couch again. Rikk quietly walks over to him and slightly brushes up against him waking him up with kisses. They both begin to make out and Rikk quickly pulls Johnny’s cock out and takes it into his mouth for a wet early morning [Read The Full Post]

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Chandler Scott then sucks Cameron Kincade and turns him around to rims his ass!…… Men Over 30 says: Cameron Kincade and Chandler Scott have just finished their work out and have come to the locker room to dress down. Both are very sweaty and energized, not to mention horny. Chandler asks Cameron if he thinks he should possibly shave off his body hair and maybe he won’t sweat as much. Cameron says he has never noticed how hairy he was, but that he should keep the hair, it looks sexy on him. He runs his hands through Chandler’s hairy chest [Read The Full Post]

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Lex Ryan services Mike Maverick’s cock before turning him around and rimming his ass deep!…… Men Over 30 says: Lex Ryan is in the waiting room at his Doctor’s office when Mike Maverick walks out (wearing nurse scrubs) and tells Lex he has bad news that the Doctor and everyone else in the office are out to lunch and will not be back for more than an hour. They exchange some small talk and the subject turns when Mike tells Lex that he looks good and it is obvious he keeps himself in good shape. Lex says he needs to [Read The Full Post]

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Jason Barr then jacks his cock all over Landon Kovak’s hairy chest!…… Men Over 30 says: Landon Kovak and Jason Barr are talking with each other about their ethnic heritage and the conversation leads into what people from their Countries like to do sexually. Jason reveals that he likes to be a little rough and enjoys having his ass spanked. He removes his own belt and asks Landon to spank him. Landon does and soon has Jason’s pants pulled down and his face buried into Jason’s beefy ass. Landon tells him how much he likes his ‘Cuban Ass’ as he [Read The Full Post]

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Buddy Mason sucks Joey Doves’ big dick until he is horned up and ready to fuck his tight little ass!…… Men Over 30 says: Buddy Mason and Joey Doves are sitting in bed and Joey is texting on his phone. Buddy is jealous that he is paying more attention to his phone than him. Buddy accuses him of talking with other guys or that he’s planning on cheating on him. Annoyed, Joey gives in and decides to give Buddy some attention. Joey starts off with a nice intimate massage on Buddy’s masculine physique. Joey rubs him down from head to [Read The Full Post]

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Dustin Steele fucks Trey Turner hard and deep pounding that tight ass until Trey erupts all over himself!…… Men Over 30 says: Trey Turner and Dustin Steele are working on re-doing the walls in their home. Dustin is up on a ladder removing nails from the wall and giving Dustin a little bit of grief for putting so many holes in the wall. Trey has other things on his mind as he looks up at Dustin’s ass as he is bending over on the ladder. Amused, Dustin lowers his ass onto Trey’s face and then comes down off the ladder [Read The Full Post]

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Alexander and Dominic best fuck buddies! Men Over 30 says: Strangers, Alexander Gustavo and Dominic Pacifico, make the best fuck buddies, no drama, no stress, just cum over to fuck and leave. See Alexander Gustavo and Dominic Pacifico fucking here!

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Alejandro Fusco and Alex Torres roll around rimming sucking and fucking their way to great orgasms!…… Men Over 30 says: Alejandro Fusco has been blowing off his boyfriend Alex Torres’ phone all day long text after text after text. Alex can’t stand the constant pestering so he’s been ignoring every text. They’ve been together for some time now yet Alejandro’s insecurities are getting in the way of their relationship. Alex is at the office hard at work making ends meet staying late and the last thing he wants is constant texting. Alejandro has been pacing back and forth at their [Read The Full Post]

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Alexander Garrett sucks down hard balls deep on Rego Bello’s hard cock!…… Men Over 30 says: Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello are husbands and they are getting ready for bed when Rego asks Alexander if he paid an important bill. Alexander tells him he did not do it and Rego starts to get upset with him. After some back and forth, Alexander admits that he is joking with Rego and he paid all the bills. The two then begin kissing passionately as their clothes start coming off. Alexander starts by sucking Rego’s hard cock and then Rego does the same. [Read The Full Post]

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Darin Silvers then sucks Jordan Belford’s huge cock then fucks his asshole deeply but passionately!….. Men Over 30 says: Darin Silvers and Jordan Belford have just moved into their first apartment together and they are in the bedroom deciding how to decorate and what types of bedding and art they want on the walls. They have several photos they have collected on their travels together to NY and Paris. Once making some decisions they are embraced in a passionate kiss and Jordan pushes Darin on the bed and pulls down his pants and starts sucking his cock. He can’t get [Read The Full Post]