Davey Jones and Seth Bond

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Dave’s huge cock is slipping between Seth Bond’s smooth ass cheeks!…. Dylan Lucas says: Seth Bond watches Davey Jones as he jerks his big dick furiously at the beach. Davey clearly has to unload a full bag of his man seed. Seth follows Davey to his car and they talk about what he saw. Within seconds Davey’s huge cock is slipping between Seth Bond’s smooth ass cheeks, giving Seth the fuck of his life. See Davey Jones and Seth Bond fucking here!

Dylan Lucas – Austin Merrick jerks his fat cock

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Austin Merrick’s first solo in front of the Dylan Lucas cameras! Dylan Lucas says: This solo is the first time Austin Merrick appeared in front of a camera. Watching his first time you realize how far Austin Merrick has come along as a porn star. We hope you enjoy this raw and sexy video. Get Austin Merrick FULLY EXPOSED at Dylan Lucas! All the Dylan Lucas updates right here!

Julian Cruz and Seth Bond

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Seth meets Julian in LA! Dylan Lucas says: In Los Angeles for a photo shoot, Seth Bond met Julian Cruz and Seth invited him to come down to the beach the next day. See Julian Cruz and Seth Bond fucking here!

Adam Hardy

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Adam naked jerking at the beach! Adam Hardy Dylan Lucas says: Here is my bud Adam Hardy. He loves being naked at the beach so I told him I would go with him and take some pictures. Let just say sun, beach and nakedness led to Adam losing control and deciding he wanted to jerk off right then and there. So our photo shoot become a hot beach jerk off. See Adam Hardy FULLY EXPOSED at Dylan Lucas!

Jack Hunter fucks Park Wiley deep and hard from behind then he lets him ride his monster shaft

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Park Wiley fucks Jack Hunter deep and hard showing the young buck who is boss!…… Dylan Lucas says: Park Wiley is in the shower enjoying the hot water as he rubs his body down with soap but what he does not know is that Jack Hunter is outside in the hallway breaking into his room. Jack slowly opens the door and creeps inside while Park is still showering. Park can’t hear a thing as Jack is roaming around his room until by accident, Jack makes a noise. Park dries off and creeps up to his bathroom door and he can [Read The Full Post]

Older guy Max Sargent fucks younger neighbor Brandon Wilde’s tight smooth ass

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Brandon Wilde loves Max Sargent’s veiny cock pulsating in his mouth!…… Dylan Lucas says: Jimmy’s Dad Max Sargent needs Brandon Wilde to clean up his neighbor’s attic before he can go outside and hang with his friends. Jimmy is fed up with sweeping all the dust up so he throws the broom to the side and begins complaining to his dad via text. Mr. Thomson comes into the room and sees Jimmy not working. Jimmy tells him he just wants to leave and call it a day. Mr. Thomson has other plans and decides that if Jimmy gives him head [Read The Full Post]

Timothy Drake takes Parker Matson’s big dick into his mouth servicing his sexy Daddy cock

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Parker Matson keeps Timothy Drake bent over slowly pushing his thick cock into the young ass slow and steady!…… Dylan Lucas says: Timothy Drake has been out day drinking with some friends and finally heads back home. He’s a little tipsy and really tired. Timothy makes his way into the backyard and passes out in the sun next to the pool. His stepdad Parker Matson is looking for him and spots him passed out. Parker tries to wake him up but it does no good. Noticing how sexy his stepson looks without his shirt, Parker pulls out his big dick [Read The Full Post]

Spencer Whitman lays his nephew Kory Houston onto the bed and fucks the cum right out of him

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Spencer Whitman mounts Kory Houston pushing his fat cock slowly deep into his ass until he’s balls deep!…… Dylan Lucas says: Kory Houston’s plane arrived late so he didn’t show up to his step uncle’s house at the agreed time. He walks into his step uncle’s house while calling out his name but he no response back. He walks into his room and sees his step uncle passed out in bed wearing nothing but the sheet that is barely laid on him. Kory begins to rub his cock inching his way closer to his step uncle. He pulls his big [Read The Full Post]

Taylor Reign slowly rides Lance Hart’s dick sliding up and down his hard shaft

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Lance Hart pushes balls deep into his bro Taylor Reign fucking him hard!…… Dylan Lucas says: Lance Hart is visiting his stepbrother Taylor Reign who seems preoccupied. Lance begins with some small talk about how his life has been going and Taylor is just not that enthusiastic about anything. Once Lance tries to figure out what’s bugging him Taylor moves in slow for a kiss which stuns Lance but he is excited about it. They start kissing and Taylor pulls out his stepbrother’s hard cock and wraps his eager mouth around it taking it deep inside. Taylor loves the feel [Read The Full Post]

Marco Montgomery moans as Jaxton Wheeler pushes his big dick deep into his ass fucking him slow and hard

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Jaxton Wheeler flips Marco Montgomery and spreads his legs wide to reveal his sexy tight hole!…… Dylan Lucas says: It’s a hot summer day and Jaxton Wheeler is hard at work pulling weeds and cleaning up the pool at his client’s house. He’s been working his ass off for hours and finally decides that maybe today is the day he’ll take a dip in the pool since nobody is home and it’s insanely hot outside. Jaxton looks around and doesn’t see a soul. He drops his shorts and jumps into the pool. As he comes up out of the water [Read The Full Post]

Trenton Ducati bends Sam Truitt spreading his ass cheeks rimming his tight asshole

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Trenton Ducati pushes his hard cop dick into Sam Truitt fucking him hard and fast!…… Dylan Lucas says: Sam Truitt is in trouble with the law and this time Officer Trenton Ducati is going to make him pay his dues. Sam has been busted beating off in the storage room again and his friend has ratted him out to cover his own ass. Officer Ducati grills him with questions until he finally gives in and that’s when Trenton dicks him down with his hard cop cock. Sam will do anything to get out of this and by the looks of [Read The Full Post]

Tattooed Chad Logan and Scotty Dean cock sucking massage workout (hot new site)

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Chad relax Scotty as he rubs his muscular body with his oily hands! Dylan Lucas says: Chad Logan, smooth tattoed chest, is running a small massage business in his spare room by the beach. Lucky for him, super cute Scotty Dean is referred to him for a full body tension release massage. Get tattoed Chad and Scotty massage video at Dylan Lucas!   This is Scotty’s first ever massage so he is understandably a little nervous, he doesn’t know what to expect. But he is in good hands as Chad is a past master at the art of relieving tense surfer [Read The Full Post]

Bryan Knight’s big uncut cock slips down young boy Sam Arthur’s throat

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Mr. Bigg, Bryan Knight fucks young boy Sam Arthur all over the house!…… Dylan Lucas says: Sam Arthur is on his daily paper route routine but today is going to be different, extremely different. Word on the street is that this one house all his friends skip has a beast of a man who only comes out at night to pick up his paper. Nobody really knows what he looks like but the rumors suggest that he is mean and very big. Sam contemplates going to knock on the door as he stares from across the street. Finally he sucks [Read The Full Post]

Dirty smooth studs Lucas Knight and Andy Banks hardcore butt fuck

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Lucas Knight and Andy Banks fondle each other’s big dick crotch bulges!…… Dylan Lucas says: Lucas Knight and Andy Banks’ dads were about to get married. The guys had never spent too much time together, but considering they were about to be stepbrothers, they decided to get to know each other better and go shopping for a wedding gift together. Turned out, they really got along great, and they shared a lot of interests – base jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving, they even had the same sense of humor. It really felt like they could have been brothers all their [Read The Full Post]

Dylan Lucas step dad John Magnum rims then fucks Chase Young’s cute young asshole

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Chase Young mounts Daddy John Magnum’s thick cock riding it till he releases his cum load all over them both!…… Dylan Lucas says: Chase Young is being punished with chores for not coming home on time. His stepdad John Magnum is making him clean the pool, rake the yard and move some plants around. Chase isn’t happy about it one bit and ends up breaking the rake and also throwing the pole into the pool. Chase finally sits down to relax but then John comes outside and tells him to go back inside and bend over the couch for some [Read The Full Post]

Tex Davidson bends Kyler Ash over squeezing his big cock balls deep inside his tight smooth asshole

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Kyler Ash feels his stepdad’s tongue deep in his tight smooth boy hole!…… Dylan Lucas says: Kyler Ash doesn’t respect his Stepdad at all and it’s finally come to a boiling point where Tex Davidson can’t take it any longer. Tex has been demanding respect from Kyler but he hasn’t put his foot down until today. Tex sits Kyler down and has a talk with him about respect. Kyler isn’t really listening as he plays with his phone but once Tex grabs Kyler’s face demanding he call him Dad things change dramatically. Tex seduces Kyler and soon enough Kyler is [Read The Full Post]

Scotty Dean fucks Lance Alexander at new surfer gay porn site Dylan Lucas

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Scotty can’t wait to get his dick back into Lance’s tight amazing ass! Dylan Lucas says: Testosterone is high. Scotty Dean and Lance Alexander have been surfing and fucking all weekend. A quick water break for Lance but Scotty want’s more. It did not take much to talk Lance out of surfing and getting fucked again. Scotty can’t wait to get his dick back into Lance’s tight amazing ass. Get Scotty Dean fucks Lance Alexander video at Dylan Lucas! These two surfers really connect and when you watch them you will wish you were between the two of them. A [Read The Full Post]

Hugh Hunter face fucking Ian Levine and eating his ass out

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Hugh Hunter moans and grunts fucking Ian Levine’s smooth tight ass!…… Dylan Lucas says: Ian Levine is a tech geek and he is on his last call of the day. It seems like a quick easy fix so why not top by and help this guy out before he calls it a day. Ian arrives at Hugh Hunter’s house and he is eager to have his computer fixed. While Ian is on the computer trying to figure out what’s wrong a web page pops up of a Gay porn website which embarrasses Hugh a little bit but Ian doesn’t care. [Read The Full Post]

Lance Alexander and Justin Owen

October 6, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Friend or lovers Lance and Justin show both are possible! Lance Alexander and Justin Owen Dylan Lucas says: There is always a time in any friendship where sex comes up, one way or another. Lance Alexander and his good friend Justin Owen came up against one of these moments recently. Get Lance Alexander fucked by Justin Owen video at Dylan Lucas! Just watching these two young guys chatting and laughing together it is clear that they share a deep bond of friendship, that goes much deeper. It also became crystal clear that the younger Justin has a thing about Lance’s [Read The Full Post]

Spencer Whitman fucks Austin Ryder in a couple positions blowing his cum load all over his sweet ass

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Austin Ryder can feel his Uncle Spencer Whitman’s wet tongue rimming his tight ass hole!…… Dylan Lucas says: Austin Ryder is hanging out at his Uncle Spencer Whitman’s pad, lounging about shooting some FB IM’s to a friend. His Uncle comes outside to check on him and sees him on the phone. His Uncle Spencer has his shirt off to reveal all his manly chest hair. Austin has his shirt off as well with all his lovely young man hair out for all to see. Spencer can’t believe how hairy Austin is and begins to rub his chest. Austin loves [Read The Full Post]