Nicholas Duff gets his cock sucked for the first time by Timmy

September 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Timmy lets Nicholas slide his cock in stroking his own stiff rod!…… Chaos Men says: When I was trying to figure out who would blow Nicholas Duff, I thought maybe Timmy would be down for it. I sent Timmy some pictures of Nicholas, and his immediate response was that he would love to have sex with him instead! I told him that Nicholas seemed more like a Top, and that we were just planning on doing a blow-job video. Timmy was a little disappointed, but I told him maybe Nicholas might be down to do more than suck dick. Once [Read The Full Post]

I just wasn’t sure Caspar could handle getting fucked by Vander’s raw thick dick

September 8, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Vander rides Caspar like a pro!…… Chaos Men says: I of course wanted to put big beefy Caspar with Vander. I just wasn’t sure Caspar could handle getting fucked by Vander’s thick dick. Caspar was definitely squirming, and normally Vander has problems staying hard when a guy is clearly struggling to take his cock. But there was a lot aggression in this video. Both guys are passionate and fucking with aggression. Vander gets fucked too. Well, he rides Caspar like a pro, and then laid on his back so Caspar could choke fuck him! Pretty hot to see. I usually [Read The Full Post]

Heath and Ransom

May 6, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Heath and Ransom bareback raw ass fuck!….. Chaos Men says: Ransom as usual, was holding off on not busting the entire time, and by the time he was riding Heath’s cock, he just let it fly. Heath instinctively scooped up all of Ransom jizz and fucks him with Ransom’s own cum. See Heath and Ransom bareback fucking here!


May 6, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Corban stuck to straight porn for his shoots, but he appears to be fully bisexual!….. Chaos Men says: Corban stuck to straight porn for his shoots, but he appears to be fully bisexual. Though he is very nervous about doing anything on camera with a guy. It feels a little bit like he has always been on the down low, and even though he likes sex with guys, putting it on film seemed the biggest challenge. See Corban fully exposed here!

Young sexy naked college dudes Jerome and Phineas bareback raw ass fucking

May 4, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Jerome’s first time taking a cock and both he and Phineas found out he loved it!…… Chaos Men says: Both these guys cum from getting fucked. Not a big deal to you? Well, this was Jerome’s first time taking a cock, and he found out he loved it. Jerome practiced at home with a small toy, but was still anxious about bottoming for the first time. He is always turned-on during the shoots, and despite thinking he was completely straight, he has been enjoying the videos and really pushing his boundaries. He has moved himself more center on the sexuality [Read The Full Post]

Griffin and Vander gay bareback ass fucking

May 2, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

From sticky wetness, rimming, kissing, and a lot of ass to mouth action!…… Chaos Men says: Director’s Cut with all the action. When Griffin came on Team Chaos, I knew he would make a lot of fans happy, and sure enough, you all really saw what an amazing sexual beast he is. I of course immediately thought about pairing him with Vander. But with Vander in graduate school, my window to work with him is short, so we usually do a couple videos when he has a holiday break from school. I knew they would have instant chemistry, and with [Read The Full Post]

Jeremiah and Noah Riley bareback ass fucking

April 23, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Jeremiah’s not lacking in the cock department and splits little Noah in two!…… Chaos Men says: Jeremiah took some time thinking about doing more full-on sex with a dude. Not sure why it took him a while. He has messed around with guys and certainly comes from a very liberal area. He prefers women, but I think there is a part of him that loves dominating a submissive guy. He had aggressively throat-fucked Griffin in the Serviced video, and he brought the same game to this one. Thankfully Noah Riley can take it, and rarely doing we get to see [Read The Full Post]

Dalton and Mason

April 15, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Mason nuts then Dalton takes a minute to add his load to Mason’s!….. Chaos Men says: I knew Mason wanted to do more down the line, so I figured if Dalton’s dick was up to the challenge they could actually trade head. Mason is a bit better at the oral, though he really isn’t the best position to do some hard core sucking. Mason nuts and then Dalton takes about a minute to play catch-up and adds his load to Mason’s. See Dalton and Mason fully exposed here!

Armani and Cooper Reed

April 9, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Armani and Cooper fucking Pure!…… Chaos Men says: After watching Armani perform in his very first full-interactive video, I knew he had the natural sensual vibe that I look for when doing a Pure video. Cooper Reed always brings his ‘A’ game to these, and I just knew the video would be Pure magic, and it is. See Armani and Cooper Reed fucking here!

Addison jerks his big cock

April 1, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Addison wanks his long curved cock!…… Chaos Men says: Addison is a local guy and he came over with his girlfriend, who I think is married to someone else. They all seem to be sexually versatile, and she apparently is encouraging him to play with guys, as long as he doesn’t stray too far. He did watch straight porn, but he has had full-on experience with guys, and most enjoys giving head. I think he is one of those very rare bi guys that is split right down the center. See Addison jerking his big cock here!

Palmer and Silas

April 1, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Palmer once his cock his was up he fucks Silas every way possible!….. Chaos Men says: I dropped Palmer at the airport after his solo/oral videos, and by the time he got settled through security, he texted me he was ready to come back for more! He was definitely going to throw himself into doing ‘more’ with very little hesitation. He of course wanted to start by topping, but was down for sucking cock, though he said he likely wouldn’t be very good at it. I told him that if he was too good at it, it likely wasn’t going [Read The Full Post]

Alexandro and Jake Lyons

March 24, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Aggressive bottom Jake Alexandro lets Jake works his dick!….. Chaos Men says: Jake Lyons is an aggressive bottom, and though Alexandro is laying back “chilling” while Jake works his dick, he is by no means passive like Hagan. Some of these guys with super big dicks tend to be tentative, but once he saw Jake sit on his cock, I think Alexandro got even more turned on. Pretty sure the hair cut he showed up will draw snarky comments from the peanut gallery, but one thing you gotta give Jake, the kid can be fucked and is an amazing bottom. [Read The Full Post]

Bay and Gennaro

February 7, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Bay takes charge of that amazing ass getting Gennaro ready to fuck! Chaos Men says: Gennaro was down for topping a guy, but seemed very passive about doing it. So I had Bay take the lead on the massage table and it seemed to work pretty well. He is a lot more shy then he was about receiving head, something he is a lot more familiar with. Bay takes charge, showing-casing that amazing ass while getting Gennaro charged up and ready to fuck. See Bay and Gennaro bareback raw ass fucking here!


February 7, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Beefy muscle guys Valentino’s quads and biceps are massive!….. Chaos Men says: Valentino does a little bit of everything. Mostly he is a fitness trainer, and obviously spends a lot of quality time in the gym. But he dances and does massage, and basically puts his body to work for him. He is about 5’7″ and must weigh over 200pds of beefy muscle. He is “bulking-up” right now so is extra thick. His quads and biceps are massive. See Valentino solo jerk off here!

Ledger raw cock bareback fucks Antonio Cervone

January 23, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Ledger fucks the cum out of Antonio Cervone then paints his asshole with his massive cum load!…… Chaos Men says: I wanted to put Ledger’s bossy vibe with Antonio Cervone’s passive energy. Antonio is downright subservient in this video! Ledger always shows up to the shoots dressed real sharp, even when he is just wearing gym clothes. I have had great feedback when guys leave their shoes, shirts or socks on, so for those of you wondering why we left various clothes on, we were just trying to keep those fans happy. Antonio starts by showing-off his stellar cock sucking [Read The Full Post]

Amador’s huge raw cock bareback fucks Daniel’s bare ass hole

January 12, 2017 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Daniel was standing and repeatedly bashing his ass onto Amador’s cock!…… Chaos Men says: I have been trying to find Daniel a hot Latin or African America guys since they turn him on so much. But again, he is so passive that he usually closes his eyes, tilts his head, and gets lost in the feeling of getting fucked. He loves servicing Amador, but with so little eye contact, you might think he is just not in to it. Oh, he is. I do try to encourage him to make some noise and step out of his head space, but [Read The Full Post]

Hairy chested hunk Tatum Parks bare fucks Ronin’s tight muscled asshole

December 19, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Tatum raining sweat as he rode Ronin’s huge raw cock!….. Chaos Men says: I had been talking with Tatum Parks on FB and he was updating his feed with new body images. He is one hairy and fit beast. I had also just recently worked with Ronin so I knew just who he would look great with. Tatum snuck in some kissing that he responded to with quite a bit of passion. Another thing I loved about Ronin was he was just fine with Tatum’s big hairy body. He mentioned wrestling and he was already used to be up close [Read The Full Post]

Straight dude (mostly) construction worker Kendrick jerks his huge 8 inch dick

November 28, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Blue collar rough trade Kendrick unloads his cum filled balls!….. Chaos Men says: I thought I would throw in some blue collar rough trade. Kendrick does construction and masonry work. He is mostly straight, but says he has hooked up with guys on a few occasions, mostly sticking to swapping oral. He has a thick 8 inch cock that gets the hardest when he showcases his hole. Hmmmm! Despite having a rough and tough look, he is super sweet, and was a lot of fun to work with. See straight dude (mostly) construction worker Kendrick jerks his huge 8 inch [Read The Full Post]

Kristopher and Tobin

November 18, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Straight dudes Kristopher and Tobin bareback raw ass fucking!….. Chaos Men says: After Tobin’s dick gave up on him during his shoot with Taylor, we both pretty much figured he was going to have to bottom with Kristopher. He even got hard a couple times while being fucked, so maybe we are watching a bottom in the works. See Kristopher and Tobin bareback raw ass fucking here!

Tatum and Troi

November 17, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Bareback Tatum and Troi raw ass fucking!…… Chaos Men says: Tatum and Troi are definitely an odd visual pairing. Tatum, with his hairy, stocky and beefy build is at odds with Troi’s lean and hairless body. But one thing they do have in common is Tatum loves guys with big dicks that can make his cock super hard from ass ramming while Troi loves when someone can take his entire cock balls deep. See Tatum and Troi here!