Mickey got some ass-to-mouth treatment from Gideon

October 26, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

I fucked the brains out of the ginger until I came in his ass!…… Boys Halfway House says: Our new ginger is a good-natured fellow, but only because he has probably destroyed half of his brain cells. This kid’s hole feels so good that we’ve begun making up stupid excuses to fuck him. His fuck hole legit feels like a pussy it’s so warm and juicy. Me and the newest House Manager walked upstairs to get our dicks wet, where we found him texting on the couch. His lazy, useless friend was napping next to him which was all the [Read The Full Post]

Two young hoodlums Chandler and Nash suck my cock then I fuck their asses

October 25, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

I end up nutting in his mouth and then letting him clean off my cock with his tongue!…… Boys Halfway House says: These two hoodlums Chandler and Nash arrived at the house on the same day, so I got an extra special treat getting them acclimated to the Halfway House. While my buddy was downstairs going through their bags, I got to do the up close and personal inspection. Having emptied their pockets and removed their clothes, I did a quick butt hole check and had them sit down in front of me. Let me tell you, these guys couldn’t [Read The Full Post]

Terrell was sporting a stiffy from sucking my cock

October 13, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

I end up dumping my load into Terrell’s freshly popped cherry!…… Boys Halfway House says: Terrell a good-for-nothing grew up a country boy but turned into street trash real quick. He took a bus down to Florida to hook up with a chick that turned out to be a tranny, and when he flipped out she kicked him out on the streets. He got our number and called from the Greyhound station wondering if we had any beds open. My guess is that he figured that a halfway house was a cheap place to stay if he didn’t make enough [Read The Full Post]

Aaron’s tight boy hole felt tight like a virgin ass

July 23, 2016 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

After a long nice blow job, I fuck him!…… Boys Halfway House says: Aaron had been bouncing around from one halfway house to another, for good reason. He just couldn’t lay off the stuff. As hard as he tried. I kinda felt sorry for him. He showed up at the door homeless after we had chatted on the phone, and my heart was filled with compassion. Also, I thought he looked like he might be a good cocksucker. We were temporarily out of beds, so I told him to crash on the couch and gave him a few chores to [Read The Full Post]

Young naked dude Kip spit-roasted by two thick dicks

October 5, 2015 Hot Naked Muscle Dude 0

Grabbing Kip’s small athletic body tightly I pump him until I cum!…… Boys Halfway House says: Sometimes, no matter how hard he tries, a guy just can’t escape his worst proclivities. This resident is a perfect example. When Kip gets a hold of contraband, he goes whole hog, and he can’t even bother to hide the evidence. His infraction was serious enough to involve another House Manager, so the two of us barged into his room early in the morning in order to let him know just what we thought about him. He stirred while we were removing some of [Read The Full Post]